Sunday, February 29, 2004

Found Around: A round-up of links that may interest no one but me. Hopefully, these will distract you from the lack of recent content.
  • More on the Quiznos subs commercials. If you are a regular reader, you had the low down on this long ago.

  • Talk about getting shot down. Rejected in front of thousands, and all caught on video.

  • "No other object has been misidentified as a flying suacer more often than the planet Venus." (For Bonus Points this time, you must name the TV series. For extra bonus ponts, name the actor who said that.) Pictures of Venus.

  • Workin' in a Salt Mine, Goin' Down Down Down.. The city of Detroit sits on a labyrinthine salt mine. I had heard about this when I was little, but forgot all about it until now.

  • Apparently the crosswalk buttons in NYC are little more than placebos. As are the ones in San Mateo. I'm so disillusioned.

  • Joe Bob Briggs was once the Paris Hilton of the b-movie scene. Now he's writing on more serious topics. Here he finds Muammar Qaddafi to be like a b-movie villain. Some skills you never lose.