Friday, February 06, 2004

Damn Site: I just realized there is horrible bug in Internet Explorer 6. Technically speaking, you cannot select text in what is called an absolutely positioned "div". It so happens that the text you are reading now is contained in such a thing. The sidebar is OK, but in structuring the page I had to use an absolutely positioned div to get the content on this part of the page to position correctly. If you are using earlier version of IE you are probably OK. If you are using something other than IE you are probably OK.

You can select a word by double clicking it, but if you try to select a sentence, it will highlight pretty much all the text up to the top of the section.

Stupid web browser.

The reason this is important is that very soon I am going to ask you all for a favor. And it will involve cutting and pasting a word from this page. And so, when the time comes, I am going to have to tell you to be sure to select the word by double clicking on it, rather than just tell you to select the word by any means you choose. Just another complication to pester me.

Oh, and your eyes are not deceiving you, I did change to text over to a serif font (specifically Georgia, and if you don't have Georgia, Times New Roman). I just think it's a bit more readable that way.

Lots more to come soon, possibly including an excerpt from my third, and yet to be completed, novel, tentatively titled Misspent Youth. Maybe possibly.

For now, some links to amuse, fascinate and inform you.

  • Dogs are the weak cousins of the noble wolf, dependent on man for nearly everything. But with the wolf outnumber 300 to 1, who is the real evolutionary success?

  • Looking for retro or obscure sports logo clothing? Look here. My new object of desire is a Michigan Panthers hoodie (remember them?). I still can't find an EMU Hurons sweatshirt.

  • Ten technologies that refuse to die. And some that did.

  • The theory and practice of beating your wife.

  • When is trailer not a trailer? Park me one of these by the beach and I'll gladly while away my retirement complaining about the government and driving really slow.

  • Blog awards. Check 'em out. Once again, I am heartlessly overlooked.

  • There are some things I don't want to think about.

  • And some places I don't want to go. But if you're on vacation in North Korea, there's an easy way to get around.

  • Paging Simon from American Idol! Why do people have to fight? by Herve Villchaize. Warning! This has audio and video in Quicktime format so you'll need a high speed connection and it'll work best with a Mac, but if you can play it, it is comedy gold.

  • Speaking of music, such as it is, this is wrong in so many ways...