Sunday, February 22, 2004

Lad-Lit: One of the most interesting reviews of Business As Usual recently got posted over at Amazon (scroll down a bit to see it) by a reader named Darius7. I will quote it in it's entirety:
I read this after reading and enjoying Mazzotta's previous book, Apple Pie. This one has an entirely different feel to it. It is written in third person and has more of what could be called adult themes. It is being marketed as a 'caper' comedy, but like his first book, it really starts from a foundation of 'Lad-lit' and builds from there. In this case, the protagonists are two men trying to come to terms with their situations, though at very different points in their lives. They face the usual 'lat-lit' absurdities with the requisite combination of irony and introspection. The difference here is that instead of spending the entire book stumbling helplessly through life they feel driven enough to take action, and this action is what builds into the caper. The caper only serves to accentuate the absurdities and irony which in-turn further feeds the caper. It is a very smartly constructed book.

I'm only giving it four stars because I'm not sure the portrayal of some of the characters is realistic in a corporate setting. But it is as funny as its reputation suggests. A worthwhile read.

I have never heard the term "lad-lit" before, but I take it to be sort of a compliment to the term chick-lit. A very astute observation. I must say it's very cool, and a little surprising, that a complete stranger has given so much thought to my writing.

Thanks Darius7, whoever you are.