Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Gone: Good grief what's next? Will it be a month between posts this time? Actually I have been thinking of doing just that: doing a monthly diary style post. What I should do is completely rework this from a traditional blog; I am not keeping up on things at all, primarily because there is nothing special about blogs or blogging anymore and because I want to devote my writing to more directed ends. Of course, I'm not sure what that reworking is...

Last weekend I was in Manhattan. There are two places I need to visit a couple of times a year, Manhattan is one and Vegas is the other. This time Manhattan included a fine day at the MoMA, highlighted by 20 years of Pixar and an evening at English is Italian, delicious food but be hungry, there's lots. As always, it was a thrilling just to be in Manhattan, but like everywhere else, it's better when the weather is warm.

Football-wise, I did a quick postmortem on the Indy Colts. If you've been following the column you may find it interesting.

Lastly we have the usual linkage, both subtle and gross:
  • An animated .gif of the famous Bigfoot film, but with the camera stabilzed. I found this oddly mesmerizing. That is because I am weird.

  • From Slate, the story of how Blockbuster managed to get lobbed on to the ash heap of history.

  • A list of some interesting satellite maps from Google Earth. Very cool. Naturally I zeroed in on The Strip...

  • Why oh why do we need Clerks 2? I suupose I should keep an open mind, but is it so hard to leave well enough alone? What's next More Office Space?

  • I'm a little late with this, but here is a good list of the most misinterpreted and downright inaccurate statistical pronouncements of 2005. (Abuse of statistics by the idiot press is a real pet peeve of mine.)

  • Top 10 literary mysteries. I have read exactly one: The Name of the Rose

  • The divine P.J. O'Rouke on writing. I love to hear how successful writers feel the same way about writing as I do.

  • Josh seeks a Godly wife. Josh has certainly narrowed the field.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

This is the End: Of regularly scheduled football columns, that is. It was a lot of work. The season wrap-up is up, and I'm taking a few days to chill and get some sleep (I can't count how amny three AM nights the column required). I'll try to get some links up before the week is out. Ciao for now.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Checking In: I spent the few days prior to New Years Eve in Toronto. It was warm and sunny and I could have lounged on the beach sipping mojitos all day long. Seriously, Toronto is a fine town. It's Canada in December so I expected it to be cold, I just didn't expect things to be shut down like they were. Restaurants and so forth were open on about a 50-50 basis. Plus, they don't have ESPN. They get something called "Score" that seems to carry ESPN programming sometimes, but is more of a hockey fan's wet dream.

Highlights were the Bata Shoe Museum (not bad, considering it's a shoe museum), Body Worlds at the Science Centre (notice how I spell center like a true canuck), and a quick jaunt down to Niagara Falls. A splendid trip, all in all.

Anyway, I did manage to get the penultimate football column up. And I was pleased to find out I was named Hotel Maven of the Year over at HotelChatter. For you folks at Ritz-Carlton or Four Seasons, please contact me for when you would like me to visit. My needs are simple, a jacuzzi suite and VIP access to local nightclubs will do.