Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Month That Was (Lost) - November 2011

The Month The Was (Lost) - November 2011: I’m afraid I have to do something that I promised myself never to do: bail on the monthly update. In all the years I have been keeping this diary, and the blog it was before, going back before the turn of the century, I have never failed to at least do a monthly update. But at the moment I just don’t have time to generate anything of value. I have things of value to write, but it’s really too late.

The deal is, I extended my annual trip out west this year from a few days to nearly two full weeks -- road tripping through Arizona and Utah and Nevada and California, naturally including the habitual Vegas Thanksgiving. Then when I got back all fired up to tell the story I got a devastating smack down in the form of food poisoning that laid me out cold for days. (I have since discovered that everyone has a food poisoning story and they all involve not eating for days, dehydration, and an suddenly intimate relation with bodily fluids and functions. Now I have mine.) I only just yesterday emerged from the fog.

I have a couple of book reviews and, of course, an extended trip report, but I have no time to get them sorted into any coherent form. So I apologize. Sincerely, I feel quite bad about this. I vow that next month will be extra long and reasonably close to on-time. Don’t kick me out of your RSS feed just yet.