Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I Need Your Help: This will only take a couple of minutes and won't cost you a thing. To do this, You have to have made a purchase from Amazon at some point in time and be logged in to their site. I know just about all of you have bought something from Amazon, and Amazon generally remembers you when you land on the site, so that shouldn't be a problem.

It turns out that Amazon allows you to make recommendations to readers for similar books. For instance, you could go to the listing for Moby Dick and recommend Emeril's Seafood Cookbook or something like that. In a couple of days, anytime somebody went clicked on Moby Dick, there would be Emeril's Seafood Cookbook as a reader recommendation.

What I want you to do for me is visit some book listings and recommend Business As Usual. This is a very simple process. Let me walk you through it.

First, you need the ASIN of Business As Usual. Here it is: 159299024X. You can copy it to your clipboard (just double-click the text and press ctrl-c).

Next, visit some listings for books that might attract the same kind of readers -- I will link some below. You will see one of two things when you visit the listing.

One: If you scroll about half way down you will see a heading in orange called Our Customer's Advice. Click the link that says "Recommend an item!" On the next screen just enter the ASIN of Business As Usual -- 159299024X -- in the I recommend box and click the submit button.


Two: If there are no previous recommendations, there will be a heading in orange called What's Your Advice? In that case just enter the ASIN of Business As Usual -- 159299024X -- in the I recommend box and click the submit button.

Simple, quick and painless. You will be done in less time than it took me to explain it.

Here are some good books for a Business As Usual recommendation. You may want to open them in new window (select ctrl+N in Internet Explorer) so you have access to the instructions above.

Of course, you can feel free to recommend Business As Usual for any book you want.

It will just take three or four of you to do this to give me a bit of extra exposure and every bit helps. If you really love me, you will do this and you will have my eternal gratitude and you will offically be The Bomb! Let me know if you have any problems: