Friday, November 08, 2002

Football Picks - Week 10: Like a battered co-dependent I keep coming back for more.
  • Indianapolis +9.5 at Philadelphia Colts beat the spread. If Philly couldn't beat Chicago by 6.5 last week, how are they going to beat Indy by 9.5? Also, note how I am already ignoring what I said about Indy in last weeks results.

  • Cincinnati +5.5 at Baltimore Baltimore covers. I remain blinded by science.

  • Detroit +10 at Green Bay Lions beat the spread. OK, so I'm out on a limb. But Green Bay is due for a bad game and all they have to do is slack off when they have a big lead in the fourth quarter so the Lions can beat the spread.

  • Minnesota +1 at New York Giants Giants cover. I'm counting on Schroedinger's Cat living and the good Giants showing up at home.

  • Atlanta +5.5 at Pittsburgh Falcons beat the spread. If I'm so sick of Vick, why do I keep picking Atlanta? Beats me. All I need is a close game here. Ideally, Vick gets hammered and the Steelers win by a field goal.

  • San Diego +5.5 at St. Louis Chargers beat the spread. Same as above. St Louis is in pursuit of that smell, and San Diego is waffling, but all I need is a close game.

  • Houston +10 at Tennessee Texans beat the spread. I just can resist betting on teams to beat these double-digit spreads.

  • New Orleans -5.5 at Carolina Saints cover. The only bad game the Saints have played was against the Lions. Just win by a TD. That's all I ask.

  • Washington +3 at Jacksonville Potatoes beat the spread. I've gone with Washington for no good reason the last two weeks and they've come through, so I see no need to change.

  • Seattle +3.5 at Arizona Seahawks beat the spread. If Seahawks Head Coach/General Manager Mike Holmgren doesn't win eventually he's going to have to fire himself.

  • New England -3.5 at Chicago Patriots cover. Truth be told: I'm not all that confident in my picks this week (unlike last week - guffaw!), but if there's a no brainer this week it oughta be this one. If I'm wrong, well, I'll just have to edit this post.

  • Kansas City +6 at San Francisco Chiefs beat the spread. I still maintain that the Chiefs are better than their record. That whimpering you hear is the sound of me begging for yet another close game.

  • Miami +3 at New York Jets Jets cover. It started out well, for the Fins. They got hot early. They beat the Patriots in one of the most exciting football games ever. Then the injuries started. WR Gasden and, more importantly, QB Fieldler. To call backup QB Ray Lucas ineffective is overly kind. Now even he has an injury and is questionable, which brings up the prospect of third stringer Sage Rosenfels, who looked like a lost child in a crowded airport for the handful of plays he ran on Monday. (What kind of name is that for a football player? Sage isn't a QB, it’s an earth tone.) The Fins pull Cris Carter out of the HBO studio to bolster their receiving crew, but he’s clearly not comfortable yet. Now they are looking to pull Troy Aikman out of the Fox studio to solve their QB woes. That might actually work if they had more time - but no way can these two sports announcers get it all together for a run this year. At this pace, they'll be lucky to make the playoffs.

  • Oakland +5.5 at Denver Raiders beat the spread. Yeah, it's hard to imagine Denver not winning at home. But all the Raiders have to do is make a game of it. I keep hoping that vaunted Raider attitude will come through and prevent them from losing these high profile games. Now would be a good time for that to happen.