Monday, June 04, 2012

The Month That Was - May 2012

The Month That Was - May 2012: I remain extraordinarily busy in my day job, which I will never discuss on principle. And I got practically zero writing done, which must change. And I got no travel in at all, which also must change. What I got done was alot of yardwork and lawn mowing.

I can't really complain about it. When I bought this house it was (among the more normal reasons) to intentionally take me out of my comfort zone; to understand what it was like to deal with all facets of home ownership. And though I gripe, it's been wholly positive, and a remarkable learning experience, just one that makes me curse regularly.

But summer is here, with it the light to 10PM. If I can confine myself to mowing the lawn every ten days or so, I should have enough time to actually do something -- to reclaim vestiges of my old carefree life. That sound you hear is God laughing.

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