Monday, June 04, 2012

[Health and Fitness] Un-running Man

Un-running Man: Last month I was lamenting my running performance, all worried that I had suffered a performance backslide and had peaked and that my life was over and so forth. So to recapture my mojo I did a local 5k in a lovely old neighborhood called Burns Park. I did well -- ran at a 8:20 pace which is about my second best 5k pace (here the strong runners are laughing since that's a slow jog for them) and so felt a lot better. Now there is one more race -- the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon -- then no races for the summer as I focus on biking and swimming for cardio. {Update - I just completed said Dx-AA half. Personal best. Ending the season on a high note.}

More importantly I need to get back to lifting weights more frequently since I am getting weaker by the day from all this running and lawn cutting and fretting over trees and shrubs and flowers.

Next planned race will be in September up on Mackinac, assuming I don't break down and sign up for a good cause between now and then.