Monday, June 04, 2012

[TV] The Good, The Bad, and The Redhead

The Good, The Bad, and The Redhead: This season of Mad Men has been truly epic. Honestly, there are moments that will be discussed for years to come. Let's name some:
  • Zou Bisou Bisou
  • The elevator shaft
  • Orange Sherbet
  • Sally is a mean drunk
  • You only need three cats, then you're done.
  • Don Draper, plumber
  • Fat Betty
  • Roger's trip
  • Tomorrow Never Knows
It makes me sad to realize that we are almost at the end of the season. Another episode this season, then the last season of Breaking Bad, then the final season of Mad Men, and thus will end the great golden age of TV that started thirteen years ago. There is nothing remotely approaching that level of quality on the horizon (although Luck had promise -- stupid HBO).

The most striking thing about this season for me is that it has really shown how my interpretation of the character Joan is 180 degrees off from just about everyone else's. Most seem to see her as a sympathetic victim. To me it looks like she started up with Roger again, got pregnant, knowingly passes the baby off as her husband's, whom she righteously tosses to the curb over his career choice, then most recently, prostitutes herself to become a partner in the company. Thinking back to season 1, she was a haughty, power-drunk, martinet to her underlings in the office while sleeping with the junior partner for the sake of money and influence. She's a horrible person. She is as much of a cutthroat mercenary as any of the men that everyone derides, but she gets a pass in the hearts of the fans. Why? I guess rack has its privilege.