Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A View From Boston: Undergrads aside, here is a write-up on Ann Arbor from the travel section of the Boston globe. All in all a pretty good job, although I would pick the following restaurant nits:
  • Way too much emphasis on Zingerman's.

  • Gandy Dancer may have the freshest seafood in town, but there are more interesting places to eat in town and just out of town in Chelsea there is the Common Grill which I prefer for seafood.

  • The Fleetwood Diner is not really a student hang-out. It's mostly seedy locals.

  • Ben and Jerry's on State St. seems to be doing fine to me.

  • Arbor Brewing Co. is vastly superior to Leopolds.
However, they get major kudos for even mentioning Kerrytown, Michigan Theatre, Washtenaw Dairy, Fleetwood and The Art Museum, when most overviews never get past Zingerman's and football Saturday.