Sunday, April 10, 2005

Getting Sirius: Now that I am spoiled by the 9 gajillion TV stations I get via digital cable, I had to go out and get a Sirius Satellite Radio receiver so I can have an equal number of stations in my car, because I am all about being so overwhelmed by choices that my attention span drops into the negative. I decided on one of those mobile units that attach to your dashboard but can be removed for security or to plug into your home system. I first went to Best Buy after work where they quoted me a four hour wait on installation. So I shot over to Circuit City where they got to it right away while I went off to get something to eat and troll around at Border's. Ninety minutes later I was all set up. The next step was to call Sirius, or log on to the Sirius website, to set up an account and payment plan. It's cheaper on the web ($10 setup fee, vs. $15 by phone) but their site was not functioning so they gave me the web rate over the phone. Ongoing fees are $12.95 per month, adjusted down for various prepayment packages. Badda-bing, badda-boom, and Bob's your uncle.

Now all I need is broadband and new laptop to complete my transition to the new millennia a mere 5 years late. Broadband will open the door to VOIP which will potentially replace my land line phone with something dirt cheap, although Comcast probably offers and equally inexpensive phone service. Problem with broadband is that I would want to ditch my dial-up ISP and there-by lose an email address and web space that I use frequently. I could make a career out of transitioning technology even for my simple needs. Ain’t technology grand?

Meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy living in the Underground Garage. (Sirius station number 25.)