Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Fat, Drunk and Stupid: Ann Arbor is Overrated is a site devoted to, yeah you guessed it, Ann Arbor news and links. Despite the name, it's not overly negative, just a wee bit cynical. They've linked up a Live Journal thread asking for stories of outrageous drunkenness here in Ann Arbor. Naturally a number of dimwitted Joe College-types chime in with their quasi-literate tales of crudity and vomit. To wit:

i drank at this one girl's dorm who i had a relationship with, and we both got drunk to the point of puking. while she was puking, i was calling her a dirty whore and a f***in bitch. two days later, i got mono. and i haven't talked to her since.

Was I ever that hideously stupid as an undergrad? Yes I was. The thought of my former self makes me want to change my name.