Sunday, February 06, 2005

Quickies: The usual random link overflow.
  • Is the CTX is the new Hummer? Maybe the new Viagra is more appropriate. The CTX, a giant truck, is being snatched up by at least one Hollywood type. In the future the Chevy Suburban will be an economy car.

  • The divine Bellagio has installed a working fountain of melted chocolate. No word on whether they have hired the Oompa Loompas to maintain it. I love that town.

  • Where those in the know are traveling, according to the Times of London -- a rather dubious list. Devon in the UK? And don’t get me started on the Dream Hotel in New York.

  • A more interesting location in the UK is Battersea, the power station complex that was featured on the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals. Seems they are turning it into an upscale shopping mall with a boutique hotel and stylish residences also planned. All late '70s potheads are hereby called on for a pilgrimage to Battersea for a ritual flying of a pig shaped balloon.

  • Better is Islands Magazine list of the 20 most beautiful islands as reproduced at Gadling. I have been to exactly zero of these places. My lameness is profound.

  • This is sweet. American Airlines is set to provide a personal media player on its flights. For $7.95 you get your choice of 12 films, games, music, etc. Sign me up. Especially considering they currently charge $5 to plug into the armrest to hear your choice of 8 unlistenable pre-fab music feeds.

  • A fine five part article on Bohemian New York. A bit haphazard but very pleasant reading. Save it for your lunch hour.