Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Shaken Not Stirred: Over at MI6, the James Bond news site, they have picked up on an old review I wrote after reading the James Bond thriller Casino Royale. Go over for a visit. (Sadly a couple of my favorite lines were edited out, you can read the original by clicking on the sidebar link). While there, I picked up a couple of little tidbits of interesting information. One, apparently in an effort to increase sales, the American release of Casino Royale was renamed You Asked For It and was given one of those sleazy '50s erotic paperback covers -- a graphic is featured in the review, it's a riot. Also it's interesting to note that they report the next James Bond film – which will not star Pierce Brosnan – will be based on Casino Royale. Interesting that they are going back to original source material. I doubt they will follow through with my suggestion in this essay that they take it full-on retro. That would be too much to ask.