Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sorry I Missed You: I had to duck out of town at the last minute last week. Stupid, lying, anonymous FBI informants. Anyway, things are back to resembling normal for the moment. I still can’t find enthusiasm for doing anything. It's just something I have to fight through, I suppose.

I'm in the process of reading Small World, by David Lodge. Lodge is a wonderful humorist, specializing in academic satire. He often focuses on naive characters caught up in the various forms of insanity the world has to offer, which he describes in that understated way the British employ to depict absurdity. Small World is a sequel to Changing Places, with shared characters and similar themes. I had read Changing Places years ago. The third in the trilogy is Nice Work. I suspect I will read them all and review them in time. (Although I may have to take a time out and read something by Bill Bryson upon the recommendation of my friend Chrissy who says my pathetic attempts at travel writing bring him to mind. We'll see.)