Sunday, January 30, 2005

Going Nowhere: I have been stymied lately on the direction of my yet to be born third novel, Misspent Youth, so I decided I would go back to the beginning and start revising in the hopes of catching a rhythm to carry me forward. Bad idea. I decided I hate it. Not the story, just some of the writing. So I sat down tonight to start revising and an hour and a half later, I had gotten through page 4. I am now despairing of ever finishing it. I have to keep in mind that all work on it is progress and that despair and doubt are part of the process of good writing.

I know all this. I have been through it before. I'll make it through. Won't I?

Anyway, a couple of tidbits to share. First, my review of The Whole Wide World is up over at Blogcritics.

Second, I was going through my pictures from my last trip to South Beach and I have come to the conclusion that my camera is incapable of taking decent night shots. Just like the pictures I took in Vegas, every one of the night pictures was too blurry to be of any use. I tried all the different settings and I made efforts to brace myself to keep steady and they are still severely out of focus. It is a situation worth investigating if I ever have the time. For now just let me share the one picture that is worth sharing from that trip to prove I can take a decent picture. It is the view from the rooftop pool of the Bentley Hotel where I stayed. It wasn't that warm, but it sure looks it.