Monday, January 24, 2005

Chow Down: Despite my malaise I did manage to visit a couple of new(ish) Ann Arbor eateries lately. So here are a couple of recommendations for the homeys.

First, for the best Italian sub in town you must go to Dibella's. This is a New York outfit that recently expanded here. You won’t find the variety or pseudo-healthy options that you will at Subway or Quizno's, but the spiced up olive oil and marinated sweet peppers make up for that. Great bread too. Treat yourself once in a while. On the corner of Eisenhower and Ann Arbor-Saline in the shopping center where Pier One is.

Second, for fine dining, you should give Eve a try. Very innovative food and drink -- espresso martini, nachos based on fried wontons, amazing chocolate desserts. It's very stylish and somewhat on the small side, so you may want to think about reservations. Downside: the service is friendly, but not the fastest, and the prices are on the upper end. Still I would not hesitate to visit again. They serve a fine, refreshing Mojito (a drink I came to like last time I was in Miami Beach), and on Thursday the set out free appetizers after 9 at the bar. Located in Kerrytown -- where the Kerrytown Bistro used to be -- it's a good option to the usual suspects down around Main Street.