Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Status Memo: I have finally shaken my illness (hoping not to jinx myself by writing this). And there was a loud Hosannah!

Carnivale has started its new season on HBO and it's not looking particularly appealing yet. Iron Chef America also stared on the Food Network, but while it made me very hungry (Bobby Flay makes some crimainally tasty looking stuff), it was a bit low on campy fun compared to its Japanese counterpart. Basically, the most compelling thing on TV is the reruns of Deadwood, leading up the 2nd season premier in March. The dialog still mesmerizes me, profanity and all.

So with no TV to distract me, you would think I would have had one of the most productive times of my life, but no. Between my decidedly unproductive holiday season and my need to sleep 13 hours a day, when not coughing up lung fragments, I find myself approximately right where I was in late December. A lost month. What the hell happened? Annoying, because I have so much to do. Depressing, because I just don’t have an unlimited supply of months left.