Friday, October 25, 2002

Weekly Picks: As promised, NFL picks. This could be fun.
  • Oakland -3 at KC: Oakland showing chinks in their armor. KC at home and underrated. KC beats the spread.

  • Chicago +1 at Minnesota: Minnesota beat Detroit, and Detroit beat Chicago so, ipso facto, Minnesota should beat Chicago. Except Chicago lost a frustrating game to Detroit last week and should be looking for payback, whereas the Vikings seem to have pretty much packed it in. Chicago beats the spread.

  • Atlanta +4 at New Orleans: Atlanta is having a good run primarily because QB Michael Vick is a good runner. But no team that depends on a running QB every really makes the top echelon. New Orleans is a monster and they're at home. New Orleans covers.

  • Cleveland +3 at NY Jets: The Jets just trounced a lousy team (Minnesota) and Cleveland just squeaked by a lousy team (Houston). NY Jets cover.

  • Pittsburgh -2.5 at Baltimore: Tied for the division lead, but Pittsburgh is better than their record and motivated to make up for their horrible start. Baltimore is at home, but Ray Lewis probably won't play. Pittsburgh covers.
  • Detroit +7 at Buffalo: Detroit actually has a glimmer of hope for the future these days thanks to Joey Harrington's remarkable play for a rookie. But it's not the future. Buffalo covers.

  • Tampa Bay -7.5 at Carolina: After a lucky start, Carolina is showing their true colors. They will be lucky to score at all. Tampa Bay covers.

  • Tennesee -5.5 at Cincinnati: It is scientific fact that any team can beat Cincinnati by as much as they want. Tennessee covers.

  • Seattle +2.5 at Dallas: The Cowboys only goal will be to get Emmitt at least 93 yards so he breaks Payton's record at home. That means either a) the Cowboys extra incentive to establish their running game makes means they can pass successfully and win, or b) the running game never gets off the ground and they have to get Emmitt 50 carries to get him the record because he is getting inches per carry. I guess (a). Dallas covers.

  • Arizona +8 at San Francisco: 49ers looking to make up for last week should win handily. San Francisco covers.

  • Denver +3 at New England: Patriots do not look as invincible these days, but then neither do the Broncos. I would have put the line on this battle of Wolverine QBs at dead even. Denver beats the spread.

  • Houston +10.5 at Jacksonville: Even though Jacksonville will rack up 47 sacks, 10 1/2 points is a big margin. Houston beats the spread.

  • Indianapolis at Washington (pick 'em): Washington certainly has something to prove and Indy is not as impressive as their record. But Indy is still the better team. Indy wins.

  • NY Giants +7 at Philadelphia: Philly is a powerhouse. It's also a Monday night showcase (which means they get an extra day to prepare). Philly covers.