Tuesday, October 15, 2002

A Light, Airy, Free-spirited Whine: I don't feel much inspired to keep up on the latest happenings. As such, I haven't been posting much.

I had a fine weekend - saw Caesar and Cleopatra (although I have no idea what the yoga-guy is doing in the background of that picture), a pretty good rendition of my favorite play of all time. I may have more to write about it in the future...but not until I get my Vegas write-up done (it's got a ways to go).

I've been having fun following the Dolphins, who won one of the most exciting games in history Sunday night. Here's a cute tradition: Each year, every member of the 1972 Dolphins, the only NFL team to have an undefeated season, keeps a bottle of bubbly on ice and cracks it open when the last unbeaten team of the season is defeated. That happened to be Sunday when the 0-5 Rams beat the 5-0 Raiders. Go figure. (Thanks to TMQ for that tidbit.)

Speaking of redesigns (we were, weren't we?) mine is going slow - I keep waiting for the point where everything will come together and I will get beyond feeling like an idiot re: Cascading Style Sheets. Interestingly, Wired News has recently done a redesign to separate content and structure, which happens to be what I'm trying to achieve in my own small way. I don't know if the design itself is so great, but the philosophy is sound. Hmmm. How lame is that? I'm attracted to the philosophy of a web page. I need a life. Bad.

This is something I never thought I'd say: I want to see an Adam Sandler film. I'll pause while pick yourself up off the floor... Punch-Drunk Love is getting good reviews and was written and direct by Paul Thomas Anderson, who directed Boogie Nights, which happens to be one of the best films of the 90s (I've mentioned it before). When, ok if, I actually get around to seeing it, I'll write it up for ya.

Sorry about all the parenthesis in this post (it's been kind of stream of consciousness). I've got some print media to catch-up on and I'm sure I'll have some good material next time around.

Note: This would have been up yesterday, but Blogger was hosed.