Friday, October 18, 2002

A Little Bit Of Night Posting: I hit these rogue waves while surfing. Luckily I didn't wipeout.
  • IBM renounced a patent on tracking whose turn it was to go to the bathroom. Now we are all free to queue as we please with fear of violating patent law. "By disclaiming it, IBM now relieves the general public of wondering whether they would have been a target of this patent." And the general public can relieve themselves.

  • This guy only wants simple dignity and respect for his chosen way of life. The latest oppressed minority: Cannibals.

  • A Lucasfilm employee appears to be headed for the pokey after releasing Star Wars: Attack of the Clones into cyberspace. This probably cost George Lucas about $30.00 give or take. The ones I feel sorry for are the investigators who had to frequent Star Wars chat rooms looking for pirates. I hope they got hazard pay - those places will shrivel your brain.

  • Joe Bob deserves a talk show. But I don't think a talk show audience would survive in the absence of comforting banality.

  • I'm a sucker for Retro Groovy Lounge music that's been updated for the new millennium. Score, Baby seems like a good source for such stuff. It's loaded with reviews and samples. (The design could use some work - you know me and design.) They also promote this cool looking stream, Exploitika. Too bad they require broadband.

  • Some people can't just appreciate art for art's sake. It's all got to be about facts and coherence and reasonable physics.

  • I just got an idea for a screenplay for one of those Women in Prison movies. I'll make a mint.