Wednesday, October 30, 2002

A Pocket Full of Links: Just a few things I've been carrying around. No oddities or news of the weird, just quality links to prove I am not turning into a 24/7 football-head.
  • I wrote a brief eulogy for one of my favorite sites, Arts & Letters Daily, a little while back. Well, I was delighted to find it has crawled back from the grave. Good news.

  • Apart from being chock full of fascinating archaeological info on the Egyptian Valley of Kings, The Theban Mapping Project, deserves some kind of award for site design. How I wish I had broadband.

  • In the Halloween vein, two sites that involve freaky faces. First, Photoshop manimals - people and animal photos semi-morphed together. Strangely gruesome, yet I can't look away. Or you can build a completely human face by combining the top and bottom of two others. Not sure which is more freaky.

  • The New York Times provides a quick overview of the the state of modern cosmology. It seems the odds on favorite theory of existence involves innumerable parallel universes co-existing with our own. I don't know about you but I'd pay real folding money to go to a universe that was just one infinite Bellagio.