Friday, January 07, 2011

The Month That Was - December 2010

The Month That Was - December 2010: We are now into the second decade of the 21st century, a fact which blows my mind. With each passing year we put the lie to more and more sci-fi. Arthur C. Clarke's 2001 (overrated) and 2010 (lame) have been moved into the realm of fantasy. The third in the trilogy is 2061 (pretty much completely unknown) at which point I will be 100, twice my current age. I would wager real, folding money that even then we will still be without flying cars and it will take a TSA anal probe to get into the air. That's progress for you. The fourth in the trilogy is 3001 (which I didn't even know existed until I looked it up -- it has the Freddy Krueger-ish subtitle of "The Final Odyssey") at which point I expect to be a brain in a jar. That will make for a slimy grope for the turn of the millennium TSA agents.

But I digress.

Misspent Youth is, effectively, done. I have just received the galleys. As long as they check out, I can declare the publishing to be over and it will be up for sale at Amazon shortly. Then I get to work on the Kindle version. Whee.

The important thing is that the days are getting longer.

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