Friday, January 07, 2011

[TV] Tube Find

Tube Find: I have fallen in love with The A.V. Club (especially the TV section). Imagine finding a place where folks wax on endlessly about film and television and books and music, writing in-depth reviews of just about anything pop culture that comes into their purview. What sets it apart from other sites is their willingness, even eagerness, the rehash media from the past, rather than pander to what's hot. This is less rare in the case of movies, but where else are you going to find episode by episode reviews of say , The Sopranos or Seinfeld, in order of release, written from a current perspective?

For a boost to your optimism, check out their look at the most anticipated entertainment events of 2011. I've already mentioned #37, the Return of The Milch (with Michael Mann and Dustin Hoffman in tow), but I have to add #34, a new book(s) from Haruki Murakami that further research suggests is highly awesome, and #44, the return of the BBC's contemporized Sherlock, which was a total delight in its too short first season.

Another great feature: "A Very Special Episode" section which has carried reviews of one of the few episodes of The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson still surviving from the '60s, and the Thanksgiving episode of Northern Exposure , and much more.

This is hog heaven for me. I can't believe I just discovered it. If you can't find me, I'm off somewhere quiet, reading this site.