Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Link Chaos: A whole slew of blither and blather that has collected in my inbox.
  • Ever thought of an exciting and lucrative career in horse dentistry? Turns out it can be depressingly lucrative. The woman is destined for the Stella Awards. (Hat tip: The Legendary KK)

  • One of the folks waiting to stomp all over Saddam has a weblog of his ongoing experiences. I'm surprised you can't get court martialed for referring to a superior officer as a "Dragon Lady".

  • Put on your tin-foil hat and check out Pole Shift Preparation. The end is nigh. Again.

  • Remember that moron at Taco Bell? Life imitates satire.

  • Are you a Google Guru? Check out these google search hacks. Very cool.

  • Two words: Lion. Cut. Syllable count is key.

  • Think you want to be creative. Think again. The average writer makes about $2000 per year from writing (I read that recently). It's better in the music industry, but not by much. Check out the finances of a "hot" new band.

  • Ten cool techno cars. The only one that seems worthwhile to me is the Mercedes braking-by-wire, the rest are fairly useless or just gimmicks.

  • You think you have a headache? What about the poor sheep? This article contains what may be the most perfect quote in history: "My relationship to sheep is a bit ambivalent now. I like them, but not when they come flying through the air."