Sunday, August 25, 2002

Caution! Flying Links: Hold still while I hit you with all the links I just cleaned out of my attic.
  • Trapped in a loft prison - P, U, S, H, spells _____? I get the impression righty-tighty-lefty-loosey would be beyond the comprehension of these guys.

  • Hooters Air, Inc. - So where does a guy sign up for frequent flier miles?

  • The 125 Best Foods - Eat all you want. It's good for you.

  • Best games on the web - Thanks to TAD Chrissy for pointing out this forum thread at Ars Technica about the best games on the web. She had wasted so much time on some of these that she just had to pass them along. Thanks a lot.

  • - I visited this site and came away about two minutes older.

  • A Plague of Locusts - Grasshoppers, more precisely. Luckily they didn't interfere with my Florida vacation. Although the 2-by-4 remedy might have been creepily gratifying.

  • Unusual Museums - Unusual doesn't begin to describe some of them. Unusually Obsessive Compulsive Museums might be closer.

  • Virtual Page Turning - Here's a fun technology. The British Library has developed a way to mimic turning pages on line (you'll need the Shockwave plug-in, which you may already have and not know it). Very cool, if limited, in it's current form. Combine with an actual book-sized screen and e-books become more interesting.

  • Virtual Edo - A virtual tour old Edo, (the old name for Tokyo) done with some interesting artwork. The design is mediocre (pics need to be bigger and better rendered), but it's a nice idea.

  • My Perfect Celebrity Match - In order: 1) Joan Cusack, 2-tie) Madeline Stowe, 2-tie) Angela Basset, 2-tie) Madonna, 5) Kelly Preston. All I can say is: Huh? Joan Cusack???

  • One Hit Wonders - Ah, so many memories. (How do I forget them?)