Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Month That Was - April 2014

The saying goes there are two seasons in Michigan: Winter and Construction.  With the receding of the glaciers the roads were revealed to be cratered like the surface of the Moon with potholes.  The end result is there is the potential for a construction traffic jam lurking around every corner.  I can't imagine this taking less the the bulk of the summer to sort out.  Never seen it so bad.

Perhaps it should be Winter and Projects season because I have my own projects.  I spent the better part of the tolerable weekends getting the yard into shape, all the while trying to get an electrician to call me back about some interior projects.

My new book -- let's generously call it a novella -- is out, at last.  More below but I've started on the next one already.  Perhaps it will be done before I die.

Apart from all that I am just looking forward to a summer of activity and some minor travel -- as usual.  No desire to do anything epic. Things have changed from when I wanted to make sure to seek out new experiences.  My mind is still open, but between working on the house and revisiting places I love, the urgency for adventure, however minor, has waned.  Perhaps that's only temporary.

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