Wednesday, May 07, 2014

[Science] Cosmic Debris

Just some links of some scientific relevance.

I previously discuss the validation of the Theory of Inflation for the pre-Big Bang universe, but here's a nice easy summary, along with an angle on the key scientist, Alan Guth. I was especially impressed with the story of his high school teacher who, realizing Guth was already way beyond anything he could teach, pulled him out of class, handed him a college level physics textbook, and told him to teach himself. Today he'd probably be fired for encouraging elitism or something.

As I also alluded to previously the big discoveries regarding Inflation and the Higgs Boson, while brilliant, don't really get us much closer to figuring out why there is so much darkness (matter and energy). This article suggests the answer most likely lies in the study of neutrinos where, instead of theory confirmations, we the unexpected.

But you want to get really out there, someone seems think they may have an explanation for the “Arrow of Time". Unlikely virtually everything else in the universe, time can only go in one direction, it's not reversible. Cosmologists find this deeply annoying. Matthew McConaughey believes it is because the time is a flat circle, but the folks here think it is an outgrowth of quantum entanglement -- what Einstein called spooky action at a distance. Personally, I think it may just be bad luck.