Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Month That Was - July 2013

The Month That Was - July 2013: Grillin' and not really chillin'. I've actually be able to use my new grill a few times. Very successfully I might add. I've also been trying to spend a some time out on my deck which was going well until the heat wave struck. When it's in the mid-80s at 8 pm there is a very small window for enjoying the outdoors. I think I went almost a full week of having the A/C on every night. That hasn't happened in years. Usually the A/C is on 2 or 3 nights a summer at most.

But I've gotten to like grilling. I've been trying to be especially healthy about it. For instance, when I grilled burgers I omitted the bun and cheese and topped them with a touch of BBQ sauce and kimchi. Paired with grilled asparagus instead of a loaded baked potato. Teriyaki Salmon patties went along with vegetable kabobs. All in all, a very positive adventure in home ownership. And the deck itself is awesome when I can enjoy it. Late in the day -- say just before dusk -- it's in the shadow of the house so it deliciously cool and perfect for sleeping to sounds of the songbirds.

I now have three planned races coming up. Mid-August in Chicago, Early September on Mackinac Island, and late October in Washington DC. All three will be long weekends in fun places. With November comes Vegas and the Southwest as always and this time I'm hoping ot arrange a trip to The Wave. Unfortunately only 20 people are allowed to hike to the Wave on any given day and permission is granted based on a lottery. Ten slots are made available three months prior and ten are made available the day of the hike. So I'm in the early lottery for 3 days in November (around Thanksgiving). If I don't get in, and I probably won't since odds are slim, I haven't decided whether I will show up for a chance at the same day lottery. When I have my lottery answer, then I can start planning my November/Thanksgiving activities around that. Still, I will need to take another full week off before the end of the year. Working on that now...

(Update: I have my answer -- I'm no lottery winner. No I have to figure out whether to go anyway and shoot of a same day pass, or find another destination.)

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