Monday, September 03, 2012

The Month That Was - August 2012

The Month That Was - August 2012: A handful of fallen leaves, a after-work bike ride in twilight -- we are officially into the tail end of summer. I'll get maybe two more lake swims in, three if I'm lucky. The upside is that I only have two or three more lawn cutting expeditions, too.

Just as with last summer the house dominated my concerns. I'm dropping some serious change to re-asphalt the driveway. I've also been pouring money into flowers and plants weekly. I got part of my kitchen repainted and a counter extension put on to the kitchen peninsula. Got a number of wall hangings up including some seriously sweet canvas rendering of a set of 4 of my photos from Antelope Canyon.

Still much more to do. And I have big plans for an addition and a patio/deck enhancement out back, but the next big project is going to be getting the old condo in shape to sell; that's going to finance the big plans. I'm seriously tempted to list it For Sale by Owner, partially just out of curiosity as to whether I could do it successfully and save a few thousand in commissions. But it wouldn't be the first time my big ambitious plans went south on me and I ended up cursing myself.

At some point I will write again. I'm sure of it.

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