Monday, September 03, 2012

[Detroit] Dissin' The D

Dissin' The D: It's been awhile since I pimp-slapped Detroit so lets have special link set just for that purpose.
  • The Detroit Water and Sewage Department employs a farrier (a horse-shoer) despite the fact that they do not have any horses. They are apparently not allowed to fire him thanks to the union collective bargaining agreement. "The city pays $29,245 in salary and about $27,000 in benefits for the horseshoer position."
  • Jet's Pizza is no longer delivering to Detroit after dark after a driver was shot. They previously used to send two people on every delivery, one armed. Now they are not even going to take the risk. Snarky as I sound about this stuff, please remember this when you read those feel good stories about renewal and revival. Facts on the ground are quite different. A very telling article.
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts was broke and on the verge of dissolution, Presumably because places that are too dangerous for pizza delivery are not generally populated with partons of the arts. But, they actually did a delightfully creative job of financing themselves and seem to have turned things around, at least temporarily. Three cheers -- or maybe just two. Did they consider going to their market instead of trying to bribe their market to come into Detroit? Why not relocate to Troy or Ann Arbor? You can't tell me that wouldn't have been a better long term solution.
  • Acid-fingered Drew Magary (he has to teflon coat his keyboard to stop it from burning away) really lays into The Lions, beginning with a sound dissing of Michigan first (although he actually is referring to Detroit mostly, he just has no map sense). Magary's schtick is to profanely pulverize his targets and he is awfully good at it. "Every loyal Lions fan has had to flee the area to go live in a Florida shipping container. And NOW the Lions finally have the balls to be good? What a dick move. Seriously." Love it.