Sunday, April 08, 2012

[TV] Tube State Boogie

Tube State Boogie: Just like that, Luck is dead. It pisses me off for a number of reasons. First, that it was done for purely PR purposes. PETA and others objected to horses dying on the show, despite the fact that they could not find a hint of mistreatment and the blindingly obvious fact that people associated with the show all seemed to have a near spiritual admiration and love of the animals. HBO (cowards) couldn't be troubled to write a press release to defend the show. Second, because I had gotten attached to the characters, especially the four amigos. Third, and most importantly, because it was the only show on TV that didn't use drama like a bludgeon to get your attention. Watching Luck was like listening to Bill Evans after a Metallica concert. The situation just sucks all the way around.

In fact the entire era of great TV may be over. Over at Grantland they lament that the recently returned Mad Men is the last vestige of the Golden Age of TV that began with The Sopranos back in 1999. Setting aside the promise of the the final season of Breaking Bad starting later this year, it's hard to argue with that.

The best of what's left are shows like Game of Thrones and Spartacus, both of which manage to squeeze out some fair drama, but deliver it with the uranium fist of sex and violence. Beyond that we're left with fare such as True Blood, Dexter, The Walking Dead -- all of which thoroughly depend on the attraction of the lurid as they are devoid of any dramatic value whatsoever.

Ah, well. All good things...and so forth.

Still, it's worth reminiscing with an oral history of the Sopranos (now five years gone). Perhaps TV will rise again, hopefully in my lifetime.