Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Month That Was - February 2012

The Month That Was - February 2012: Short shrift this week, in honor of the short month. I was looking back at the month trying to figure out how come I had so little to write about and I found no good answers. I only read one book, that's part of it. No travel to speak of, that's another part of it. A couple of big house projects, but I have been trying to hold off on peppering you with house maintenance posts.

Maybe I'm wrong about that. Maybe I should start expanding my topics. Things I spend time on that I don't write about are my fitness obsession, house projects in detail (I make casual mention), and football (in season). There are probably others, but those come to mind immediately. For unknown reasons, I have convinced myself that nobody is really interested in that stuff. But in reality, I have no reason to think anybody would be particularly interested in anything I write here, so why would those topics be different? This place is exactly what it says in the title. A monthly diary. It documents some events or opinions that I found interesting. I fully expect its eventual best use will be jogging my memory about times passed when I am pushing 90. Or maybe, a thousand years from now, some brain-in-a-jar will read it to see what life was like for someone in the previous millennium.

If this were a commercial site, it would be a disaster. Commercial sites need laser focus to have any hope of succeeding. Since this is just a personal hobby that I happen to make public, why not get even broader and more eclectic? So be it. Starting next month the list of potential topics grows.

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