Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Month That Was - May 2009

The Month That Was - May 2009: The highlight of this month is a week in Moab, UT. The write-up is below, but the pics are not close to ready. I'll update the post as soon as they are. [[Update: Photos now available at Smugmug - dam]] I also need to figure out how to get key thumbnails of the pics wedged into the posts. It's been my policy over the years to post no graphics other than the book covers to your left. Since there is no one left in the world on dial-up, I can safely change that policy, but only slightly and rarely. It is very important to me that the page load with a minimum delay. I absolutely despise it when I click on a page and there is that exasperating pause as the rendering engine searches high and low for the linked-in graphics and ads. I will not let that happen here.

The other interesting thing this month is that, because of the debacle between Comcast and the NFL Network over how to charge for the NFL Network's content, Comcast decided they needed to apologize to their subscribers by giving them six free pay-per-view movies. I really doubt anyone actually felt they needed an apology, so it's likely this was just a promotion to get viewers to be on Comcast's side in the disagreement, and also to promote pay-per-view. Whatever the case, I caught three movies this month and will likely catch three more next month. I rarely watch movies and never pay-per-view them, but I can't pass up anything free, so you'll be getting some Flick Checks. Lucky you. I should warn you that, in general, I don't like movies. I find most to be contrived and vacuous. So don't look for rah-rah recommendations.

Wanting Mo Moab
Useless Airways
In Praise of the Cheap
Government Motors Round-up
Flick Check: X-files, I Want to Believe
Flick Check: The Wrestler
Flick Check: Burn After Reading
Breaking Bad, Breaking the Cycle