Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Month That Was - March 2009

The Month That Was - March 2009: The highlight this month was a trip to Manhattan, but it was for work so it barely counts as travel. Still, the tale is below. No pictures this time. I really only had one full free day so I didn't even bring my camera. I did eat like a pig with a tapeworm and for weeks to come I will be doing penance for that at the gym. To go with it you get travel rewinds from two previous Manhattan trips one from '04 and '05. I am slowly clearing out the travel section to your left and incorporating anything of value, however minor, into blog posts so I can let that damstore site expire.

There are two ongoing consumables art-wise that I am going to hold off letting loose on until they are complete. One is the AMC original TV series Breaking Bad. Many, if not most, TV shows fall flat in their sophomore season, but Breaking Bad has kicked up to an even higher level. I'll have a lot to say it about it when the season ends, but for now I'd say it's got a shot at sub-pantheon status. Two is that I've completed the second of what I have decided to be 10 Nero Wolfe novels, this one, The Golden Spiders, was a joy. It seems I can plow through several chapters of Rex Stout without a hint of fatigue. Nero Wolfe will be my go-to for escapist lit for the foreseeable future.

Under the heading of ongoing projects, I got the photos from last year's Death Valley excursion up on SmugMug. I was one of my favorite trips and one of my best sets of photos. By next month I should have Business As Usual available for Kindle.

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