Thursday, April 02, 2009

Flick Check: Quantum of Solace

Flick Check: Quantum of Solace: How is it possible that, after kicking out a action gem like Casino Royale the subsequent rebooted Bond effort could be such a turkey. What a bizarre mess of a movie this is. It starts out with Bond after a certain evil villain, but he ends up chasing a different evil villain and the first one is just sort of dropped from the plot (did I miss something?). While I don't look for realistic plots in Bond films, I do like a minimal amount of cause and effect continuity, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why anything was happening. Near as I can tell, Bond kept killing folks in the line of duty and M kept telling him he had to stop and threatening him with various bureaucratic sanctions but then kept backing off because "he may be on to something". Uh, what?

Mid-movie a Bond girl with the moniker Strawberry Fields appears. She and Bond show pretty much zero attraction to each other but then out of the blue we see that he's bedded her. Then the evil villain drowns her in oil for no reason. This is perhaps the most pointless and most derivative use of a Bond girl in history and that includes the worst of the Roger Moore era.

Worst of all, the action scenes are unfathomable. Rapid cuts with no context to them. Every hackneyed trick in the book from stop action to shaky cam. Just awful. It's like the whole project was run by Michael Bey's dumber brother.

Next time, how about a Quantum of Sense?