Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sour on Apple

Sour on Apple: In contrast, I'm really down on Apple. iTunes has driven me crazy more often than I can count. It constantly shows songs from the same album as being in separate albums of the same name. The interface is atrocious. Last time I tried to buy something from the iTunes music store I couldn't figure out whether it was DRM'd or not so I just bought from Amazon where nothing is DRM'd. My experience with my iBook was less that positive. My little 2 gig iPod has been fine, and in fact, has taken a fair amount of abuse, but it was hell trying to find an armband for it since it's a long lost model, I see no particular advantage to the wheel interface, and there's no FM so I can't listen to the football games at the gym during workouts -- nothing terrible, nothing special either. I have Safari on the PC and use it occasionally to test page rendering, but I can't have it auto-update without being constantly asked whether I want other Apple software which I don't care about. Plus, all that pretty gear they market is ludicrously expensive. I think the second age of Apple -- which was built on the newness of the iPod (under constant pressure now -- I like Zunes, but the new Sony Walkmans are slick as hell) and iTunes (bettered by Amazon) and the luxo-geek appeal of their gear (one word: recession) -- is over.