Thursday, March 24, 2005

Spin Me Right Round: You may not believe this, but I just got back from four nights in Vegas. No really, I did. You see I was so far behind in my life that the only logical course of action was to pack up and head to Vegas. This time Kate and HRH Miss Anna flew out to meet me (it was HRH's Spring Break) and it was nice to be able to impart some of my hard earned Vegas wisdom, since it was their first trip.

With Miss Anna in tow, I did very little gambling. A brief blackjack session at Dr. Han's Fortress of Evil the Imperial Palace, and a shorter one at the TI, was all I could really manage. No poker. No sports betting. There was much good food, however. Wolfgang Puck's Postrio and Chinois, Emeril's Delmonico, Tom Moloney’s Aquaknox; but I saw no reason to alter my stance that Todd English's Olives is still the best of the strip. (How’s that for celebrity chef pretensiousness?)

We managed a brief, but nerve-wracking (for the ladies), visit to the Top of The World restaurant at the Stratosphere, caught a showing of We Will Rock You, an energetic, supercilious musical based on the songs of Queen, over at Paris, and I got an Ashiatsu massage (the one where they walk on your back) at Canyon Ranch, and a highly civilized, straight-razor shave at Truefitt and Hill.

I ducked away one night to bar hop with a couple of other folks I knew in town. We managed to hit at least four nightclubs, including the terrific Mix at the top of THEhotel at Mandalay Bay -- sweet, expensive place; incredible view of The Strip; not very crowded (on Sunday night anyway) -- after which I had a bracing and beautiful 3AM walk all the way up The Strip back to the Venetian where we were staying.

Don’t know if I'll be able to write this one up fully. I may do a show review for Blogcritics, possibly a hotel review for Hotel Chatter, or maybe nothing. I still haven’t gotten my last New Orleans trip documented as I promised, to say nothing of writing fiction.

Still far, far behind. Guess I better go on another trip.