Friday, July 02, 2004

It's All in the Re-writing: So I had my DC/Chicago article about 80% done and I stopped to read it over. It was like 15 pages long and filled with off-topic rants about all sorts of things. It made sense in my head as I was writing it. So I'm going to trim some of the rants and possibly turn them into seperate posts. With any luck I'll have all this sorted out by the time you get back from the holiday weekend. For now, I only have some links to offer:
  • The perfunctory design site of this post is the listing of 2004 Industrial Design Excellence Awards. Lots of great kit and other intriguing stuff. Notable, however, by it's ommission is the remarkable DVD Rewinder.

  • If you are doing any document design (web or otherwiese) it's probably worth taking a look at the free doodads at Tiger Direct Art. Fonts, clip art, textures and border graphics -- I snagged a font here for use in the new edition of Apple Pie.

  • The greatest comedian of modern times, Mike Tyson, is back in the news. He claims to be homeless and living like a bum due to all his debt but is trying to turn his life around, adding this quote for his future biographers: "I ain't the same person I was when I bit that guy's ear off." Now how many people can say that?

  • Speaking of sports, the very best sports journalist in existence, Bill Simmons, now has his own page at ESPN. He's one of the few who understands that information is secondary to entertainment in sports. Delve into the archives for some fun stuff.

  • If you ever wondered what it is like to be a writer, here is your answer.

  • I gave up Michael Moore bashing a while back. Other people do it better. Example: this Chistopher Hitchens review of F-9/11 wherein he demonstrates a stunning talent for sustained hostile eloquence. Instapundit has a round up of other Moore reviews and news. This blogger dug up the late, great critic Pauline Kael's review of Roger & Me, which shows his suckiness is nothing new. And it looks like they are not especially keen on accepting him back in his hometown of Flint, MI. Perhaps it's because he is a Big Fat Stupid White Man.