Thursday, January 22, 2004

Si Quaeris Weblogam Amoenam Circumspice: I've recently stumbled on a few excellent Michigan blogs that you should visit. First off, The Land of Anne. Blogmistress Anne is from Mt. Pleasant where she is a punk rocker and librarian. Presumably she spends her nights playing guitar in deafing clubs and her days telling people to be quiet. A confusing life. Srah is a fellow Ann Arborite, specifically a grad student at the School of Information specializing in Human-Computer Interaction. Presumably that means she has to spend a lot of time with angry people who smash keyboards. More coincidental is StarryEyes a blog by Karen Correll (it appears to be down at the moment), an author and journalist out in the Detroit 'burbs who recently published her first book, Saturday Nights at the God Café through the former publisher of Apple Pie (she has my sympathy).

I offer a virtual nod of kinship to all of them.