Friday, January 16, 2004

Say Hey: The latest on the kid who was suspended for saying "HEY!". He has a web site where he gives his account of the story. Check this out:
Dr. Santiago is the assistant principal at my school. I went to his office, and he talked to me about what I did. There was a North Richland Hills police officer in Dr. Santiago's office. I told Dr. Santiago I didn't mean to send the message to the entire school. He said it didn't matter that I didn't mean to send it to everyone.
Dr. Santiago pulled out a book of crimes and punishments for the school, but they couldn't find anything like what I did. But he started listing off punishments I could get. He said, "Punishment by officer" and the officer was smiling and nodding his head while he pointed to himself.

Dr. Santiago is, simply put, a dickhead. The kid's Mom is brought into the foray:

When I went to the school, I tried to explain that NET SEND wasn't a big deal. Mr. Rollins told me that I had to respect his position. He knew Carl was a good kid, and if it weren't for that he would have taken Carl out and put him in an alternative school.... which is a school for kids that get caught with drugs and are real criminals.
I tried to explain to him that there was a simple way to keep NET SEND from working on his network if he didn't want it to be used, but he had no interest in that. Later I called the school and asked if I could get a job as a network administrator. I told them that they must need someone who actually knew what they were doing. They didn't seem interested in interviewing me, though. I don't know why.

At least they have a sense of humor about it. Judging from the business site of the kid's parents, they are a bit on the gothy side. (It's odd for goth-types to have a sense of humor, though.) Goths are characterized by an abysmal sense of style, a generally sour and mopey disposition, and, since Columbine, a penchant for firearms and mass murder – at least in the eyes of the shallow and ignorant, which aptly describes the administrators of Richland Middle School.

I have a vision of these wanky, cowering school admins assuring themselves that they probably just stopped another Columbine because, Lord knows, the only thing that can stop a goth from going psycho is petty persecution.