Friday, January 16, 2004

Lame Excuses: My LA story is not done yet, so quit asking. It will be ready when it's ready. What are you, my editor or something?

I have been working on promotion of Business As Usual; trying to get some more reviewers lined up and hoping to get bookstores to stock it. (I hate marketing, so I'm a bit pissy these days.) And, of course, it's tax time – I generally get a big refund so sooner is better than later for me. Plus, I have a little thing we like to call a day job that pretty much wipes out a third of my life. And what with sleep and all, well, there's just not all that much time left. Plus, tonight is the season premiere of Monk.

For now, I present some links for your dining and dancing pleasure.
  • More of the Worst Album Covers Ever. They speak for themselves.

  • Wabbit season! James Bond has retired to Belgium and is in the habit of poaching bunnies.

  • Drugs are bad, mkay? Drop acid and draw a middle aged man with glasses. Fun times.

  • I have no interest in seeing the movie, Torque; I just want to point out that Roger Ebert knows how to write a movie review. Description and opinion, yes, but it's the context that makes the difference.

  • File under W for Wicked Cool: Visual Thesaurus.

  • You may remember my pointless and annoying trip to the Detroit Auto Show last year. Well, thankfully, "Car and Driver'' has relieved me of the need to do that this year (not that I would have). All the new and notable cars.