Thursday, May 08, 2003

Ping Pong Back: I spent the last three days in Indianapolis; a sweet little city - an active downtown area, clean and freindly, decent restaurants, but smallish. How they manage to deal with a half million people who descend on them every Memorial Day weekend for the Indy 500, and similar numbers later for the Brickyard 400 (Nascar) and the U.S. F1 Grand Prix, I can't fathom. I stayed at what must be the only Hyatt in the world that doesn't have in-room internet access. They have a business center with two PCs for web access, but one was in the shop. So, once again, I spent a little time every day at Kinkos. It's a little over four hours from Dexter, MI so I chose to drive -an uneventful pilgramage through the storied Indiana farmland. I actually like roadside America in the heartland. No I don't want to drive across country, but a drive through the country of five hours or less is probably preferrable to a short flight - which would constitute an hour in the air and about three hours scurrying about dealing with the peripheral transportation and the associated asshats employed to make your experience more excruciating. Much nicer to set the cruise control in the Camry, put on a favorite CD, and stop whenever I want at one of the 9,317 McDonald's along the way.

Anyway, more material this weekend.