Sunday, May 25, 2003

Memorial Day Links: Since you probably spent half the day in traffic just so you could get to an overcrowded park where you discovered you're not so good at Frisbee, ants are a superior species, and that splinter in your arm from the picnic table feels like it's turning gangrenous, why not distract yourself with some these random links I've collected.
  • In contrast to your basic tabloid psychic, the folks over at Long Bets are making 'educated' guesses about the future. And some are putting their money where their mouths are. Now we just need Vegas to set odds for the rest of us to join in.

  • Remember that game Mousetrap, where you design a Rube Goldberg style contraption to drop cage over a mouse? Well, if you have a little bandwidth (4 Meg) to spare check out this Honda commercial from the UK. Amazing. For more background read this.

  • Since I've taken up climbing at my local climbing gym, I've been looking for something like this to improve my technique. Now if I could just get some super strong web silk to spray out of my wrist I'd be upside down kissing Kirsten Dunst in no time.

  • For my Ann Arbor homies, the Top of the Park schedule is out. That makes it officially summer.

  • For further reading, go ahead and check out the nominees for this year's Webby Awards. (Unjustly, a dam site is not included.) The selections are on the conventional side, but there are certain to be gems among them.