Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Scoop D'Jour : Slashdot still hasn't posted my book review. They must be a bit backed up. I'll give 'em another a week and then I'll make other arrangements. You'll see it, one way or another.

I'm making some fitful, frustrating headway with the re-design. It involves my first extensive use of Cascading Style Sheets and, as such, there's been a lot of trial and error. You can take a look at where it's headed. Although this will mean nothing to most of you, I am trying to make it as standards compliant as I can for the sake of consistency of presentation across browsers. Also to that end, there are no tables used for page formatting - this, I have taken on faith from trusted sources, is a Good Thing. Comments are welcome and encouraged. (The design is not entirely original. I'll pass along the appropriate credits once it's all in place.)

The bad news is it will probably be a week-ish until you hear from me again as the next several days will be busy, busy, busy. For now here are some links to hold you over.
  • Doin' time - For CEOs and politicians, Forbes provides a timely guide to the best in prison accomodations.

  • Spendin' dough - Also via, if you're lucky you got to spend a billion before you got locked up.

  • Sailin' away - It's been years since I did any sailing, but I still keep an interest. America's Cup (or maybe it should be New Zealand Cup) sailboat racing is a remarkable spectacle. Only multi-millionaires need apply and then only if you can back up your entry with super-advanced technology. The world's most expensive day sail. The other end of the endurance spectrum is the solo circumnavigation of the Around Alone race.

  • Bigger and/or Better - Lots of ideas about what to do at ground zero. My favorite is #2 on this page. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) submitted by someone from Kuwait.

  • Wrong again! - Once again, in the face of a highly dramatic crisis, journalism chokes like Cass Elliot on a ham sandwich. Believe nothing you read. Ever. (Except from me, of course.)

  • Best Movie Title Ever - It'll be a lame movie, for sure. But then all you need is a good title and the PR folks handle the rest.