Friday, September 06, 2002

Linkapalooza: The usual random assortment of HTML musings.
  • Heaven is middle management - at least compared to those jobs. My favorite is from 2001. I wonder if that's the official title. How do you make that sound good on a resume?

  • It's a matter of fitness - I'm actually quite glad they don't have these classes at my gym. My gym shorts don't have pockets for twenties. Those of you in LA may want to attend the 7pm Wednesday class. Pass along a full report.

  • A Rogaine moment - I know a girl who once said "if Ben Affleck was any hotter he'd be on fire." Perhaps his hair burned off. I have to laugh.

  • Good, Bad, Ugly - Quick reviews of books, music, and news from web-writers of all flavors.

  • Life's a beach - If you read about my Florida vacation and you need a bigger beach fix, visit the good doctor.

  • Duck! - P.J. O'Rourke takes life in hand and teaches his ornithophobic wife to hunt birds. Bravest man in history.