Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Month That Was - June 2017

So much to be done and nothing to do but wait. I have been waiting on getting my house painted for quite a while. Start date keeps getting moved back. So I haven't set up my deck, and I've been putting off some landscaping until fall. I just want it to be done. Hell, I just want it to be started. I need to remind myself that it will end up as a very small portion of my life and by the end of the year I'll barely remember it happened, unless I come back and read this.

I am pretty certain I am going to sell my car. Trade it in before it completely depreciates to nothing. I'll probably get a little SUV; something I can just throw my bike in the back of, or load up with supplies from Lowes. Ideally a hybrid now that my work commute is three times longer than previous. An open question whether to buy or lease. Back when I was keeping cars for 10 years, buying made perfect sense, but now I'm more inclined to trade in after three years so leasing might make more sense. More on this next month.

I have done no fiction writing in the last month. I keep telling myself I'll return strong after the summer is over and that might be true. I hope it's true. The current book I'm working on has been a terrible struggle, but I still do want to finish it.

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