Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Month That Was - April 2017

I have been planning to get somewhere in the path of full totality for the August solar eclipse, and my ideal spot was Jackson hole WY -- small chance of clouds, beautiful backdrops. All hotels are booked of course, but I spotted a perfect Airbnb in town center. I was geeked! Of course by the time I got myself signed up for Airbnb and made sure the dates would work with flights, it got taken out from under me. Bastards. Now if I want to stay anywhere near Jackson Hole I would have to drop multiple thousands of dollars. Arrgh! The hell with 'em. I'm back on the hunt for another locale.

I can stay too upset. Spring is here and beautiful as always. Of course, that means to house projects begin. Painters and landscapers and window repair, oh my.

[Movies] Rogue One
[Tech] Routers and Laptops and Chromebooks
[Rant] My Old School