Friday, December 09, 2016

The Month That Was - November 2016

Because I have spent most of my life in and around Ann Arbor most of my friends are Liberal. They are all going insane right now. It's very hard for someone who is generally apolitical to understand why they are at such an emotional extreme. Also, I am older than most of them and I don't see current events as anything so out of the ordinary or, frankly, anything that hasn't been done before. (Younger people think everything is happening for the first time.) I would suggest that in my lifetime we have had more sociopathic, dysfunctional presidents than sane, well-adjusted ones, so I suppose have a stronger sense of perspective. I do hope to get my friends back sometime soon.

Half this month was about travel. I took my longest trip in many years -- a full two weeks out west in Vegas and up the California Coast. Back home it was time to pack up the deck and bring the potted plants in for the winter to come. I am now going to work and coming home in darkness. In a month the days will start getting longer again, but warmth will not return for quite a while. I had better test-start the snowblower.

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